Looking for a Database?

  • Membership
  • Grants/Donors
  • Client Tracking
  • Events and Conferences
  • Project Budget
  • Alumni Programs
  • Searchable Web
  • Voter Data
  • Political Tracking
  • Wedding
  • Family Reunion
  • Funeral Home

Free Database Analysis

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Tent Cards for Meetings

Hosting a meeting or event soon? We can help to design professional looking name and tent cards for you.

Mail Merge with Ease

Having trouble creating form letters or labels. Let us show you how to enter information in a database and quickly generate those merges.

Deduping Data

Is your data in many formats (excel, access, tables, and other platforms? We can eliminate duplicates and keep related data and retain one unique record.

Welcome to the Nonprofit Database Website

The NPDatabase.com website was developed by Strategic Technology Solutions to help organizations, small businesses, and individuals understand the power of databases while making better decisions on (selection, use, training and maintenance).

We believe a database should be flexible, user friendly and easy to learn. We believe in customizing a database to meet your needs.

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Understand that your database is critical to operations. It allows you to track information on the clients you serve and have the ability to quickly retrieve that information.

Your database also allows you to analyze data and make better decisions.