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Tent Cards for Meetings

Hosting a meeting or event soon? We can help to design professional looking name and tent cards for you.

Mail Merge with Ease

Having trouble creating form letters or labels. Let us show you how to enter information in a database and quickly generate those merges.

Deduping Data

Is your data in many formats (excel, access, tables, and other platforms? We can eliminate duplicates and keep related data and retain one unique record.

Support and Training

Whether you need temporary, ongoing, or help on special projects, we can provide the solution.

We support Microsoft Access, Excel, R&R SQL Report Designer, and exporting and importing data from a variety of applications/platforms and assist with off-the-shelf products.

We provide onsite, offsite and phone support.

We provide one-on-one and group training or support on the following:

Data entry support

Installation of software

Basic database design

Querying and Filtering data

Mail Merge (form letters, labels, envelopes)

Designing Tent Cards, labels and badges

Import and Export of data

Basic report design (headers, footers, grouping, sorting, sums, totals, and counts)

Training for Database Clients includes the following:

Database Administrator (overview of the database system and table maintenance)
Staff training on operation and use of the database

Staff training on report generation

Delivery of a Training Manual for operation and use of the database management system